Become a brand ambassador!

Do you love Wallonia? Are you proud of the region in which you grew up or lived for several weeks, months, years? Did you visit the region and fall in love with its inhabitants, its green forests or its excellent cuisine? In that case, you have what it takes to become a Wallonia brand ambassador! But what does this involve?

We live in a globalised world, where transport and communication have greatly reduced the distance between continents, countries and regions. In theory, people and goods can now move freely from one country to another, with (almost) no restrictions. But this means regions now also must compete with one another to attract investors. That is why many regions have started to develop their territorial branding. Like other major brands, Wallonia and other regions have turned their name into a distinctive product to highlight the region's assets and appeal to consumers.

And that is where you come in, as a Wallonia brand ambassador. How?

As an ambassador of the region, you must respect and share the brand's values. Please have a look at the territorial marketing approach that was implemented for Wallonia, which you can find under the tab "the brand" or refer to the brand guide to find out more.

In all your activities and contacts, we need your support to:

  • Relay all information about Wallonia and its brand, starting with the information that is available on the international portal site and on various social media
  • Share the brand's visual identity by adding the logo and the Feel Inspired slogan to your website, blog or e-mail signature
  • Write and publish posts on the ambassadors' blog of brand
  • Identify and share any development opportunity for the region
  • Contribute to the development of the ambassadors' network by discussing it with others and/or mentoring new ambassadors
  • Promote the brand by actively participating in conversations on social networks and sharing the content that is distributed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

How you stand to benefit:

Becoming a brand ambassador means joining a network of stakeholders from various sectors (economy, academia, science, culture, tourism...), both from Wallonia and outside of it, who all feel the same desire to promote Wallonia's assets in what they do. Be part of this positive dynamic and benefit from it too!

  • You will have access to the brand ambassadors' database through a dedicated section on the website and can take advantage of a network of contacts in various sectors
  • You can also promote your activities or successes on the ambassadors' blog of
  • You will receive an occasional newsletter informing you about the region's activities and the network of brand ambassadors
  • You will be invited to occasional networking events, along with the other ambassadors (breakfast seminars, discovery tours,…)
  • You can use the Wallonia logo and graphics of the brand and take advantage of the region's prestige

So why wait any longer? Join more than 1,000 other brand ambassadors by clicking this link: I want to become a Wallonia brand ambassador!