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With just over 200 inhabitants/km2, Wallonia really is people-oriented and enjoys a wonderful geographic location.

Its direct links with Brussels mean that Wallonia is close to and has immediate access to the European institutions as well as to all the international organisations and associations located there. Wallonia's position in the centre of European transport networks makes it one of the most attractive regions in Europe for distribution centres and logistics platforms.

Wallonia has the densest road and rail network in Europe; this is a major asset that provides a great deal of fluidity throughout the region and offers excellent links to the main European countries.  Wallonia is served by several major European train companies (Thalys, Eurostar, TGV, ICE) and is also one of the few European stops of the Freight TGV.

Wallonia also has an exceptional network of navigable waterways for commercial navigation. The region is one of the pillars of the European network, with a direct link to the largest sea port centre in the world (Antwerp-Rotterdam, Ghent and Zeebrugge).

The two regional airports also play a very important role in the air transport sector: Liège Airport with its cargo activity and the expanding Charleroi Airport, which carries more than 6 million passengers a year to around 100 worldwide destinations.

Wallonia is also developing multimodal platforms that combine the existing road-rail-air-water networks in the best possible way, maximising efficiency. At the end of 2015, the region opened a new trimodal (water-rail-road) platform, the Liège Trilogiport, whose aim is to become a real logistics hub in the heart of the Euregion.

Some figures:

  • A stone's throw from Brussels, capital of the EU and NATO headquarters. Brussels is also home to 120 international organisations, 181 embassies, 300 diplomats and 1,400 NGOs.
  • Almost 60 million inhabitants can be reached in just a four hour' drive.
  • A region housing 370 million consumers and around 20 major European cities can be reached in one day.
  • Liège Airport is the largest cargo airport in Belgium and the 8th largest cargo airport in Europe. In 2015 in Singapore, it received the "Best Cargo Airport in Europe" award, presented by airport clients.
  • 6 logistics hubs
  • 11 multimodal infrastructures